Almost 2 years back I started writing in medium, Fast forward 2 years I have 3 drafts in my stories section with none published and last month I published my first article, the article I published was completely a new one from my first 3 drafts, and to my surprise, it only took 2 weeks overall to publish my first story.

I was curious about the change in pace between the first draft and the first published story, so that I can use the technique to pick up pace for my future writings.
On analyzing I found some really helpful mindshift…

Last week during the standup one of the developers said he needs more time for refactoring his code and without any delay, the scrum master jumped in and asked why we need refactoring as the code was just written in the last sprint? (Though the SM did it very gracefully there was an awkward silence in the room) The developer tried his best to explain the scenario but to be honest, it was not very convincing.

I pitied him because I have been in a similar situation before and even worse I got rough feedback from my manager for asking…

Kishore Rajkumar

Software Artist who loves to create artistic code!!!

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